Security Solutions

Partner with Vipond for all of your building's security systems. We can provide custom systems based on your needs and application.
Our goal is to help protect your buildings, people and community.

Security Systems

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Guard Tour
  • Perimeter and Intrusion Detection
  • Intercom and Public Address
  • Nurse Call
  • Systems Integration
  • PSIM

Video Surveillance

There is a video surveillance protocol designed specifically to address a variety of business needs. Think about video surveillance not as cameras, monitors, and video recorders, but as a new set of eyes watching over your business all the time, wherever you want them – looking out for the things that are most important to you. Order your security cameras here

Access Control

Access Control has become a standard in today's business environment. Each Access Control ID card places a single, unmistakable face to a name, an employee to a company, a person to a specific job. These are only a few of the duties associated with the expanding role of access control, and can be used in any number of small or large commercial applications.

Business owners and corporate managers need to know that their employees or site visitors are traveling into the authorized sections of the building. Access control systems are routinely integrated with video surveillance technologies, and building evacuation plans to create an increased level of work-site security and disaster preparedness.

Guard Tour

Let Vipond handle all of your Guard Tour needs by providing unlimited Guard Tour stations & routes, graphical indication of pending & visited stations, alarm annunciation of missed stations and full reporting capabilities.

Perimeter and Intrusion Detection

Security of a facility begins beyond the perimeter. Vipond's integrated Perimeter Intrusion Detection solutions extend the area of protection to help users detect perimeter intrusions in time for assessment and action.

Intercom & Public Address

Intercom call answering & placement can be done right from our software and can be programmed to automatically switch camera viewing based on incoming call requests. Similarly, the public address system may be accessed on a zone-by-zone basis through the software with a paging request made directly from the computer screen.

Systems Integration

A myriad of technologies are being combined to support a single goal and system integration is the seamless key to achieving optimal incorporation. Successful integration encompasses more than equipment; it requires a highly capable design team who can effectively translate a client's needs into a streamlined one-piece solution.

Physical Security Information Management

Integration requires a working knowledge of how different manufacturers' technologies successfully interact. Managing disparate platforms and operating systems is becoming increasingly complex and most simply do not have the budget for a “rip and replace” strategy. A Physical Security Information Management system allows customers to leverage various existing systems that are already in place and bring in new systems, all controlled by a single interface.

Let Vipond provide you with the best Systems Integration solution. Contact our team today.

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