Fire Alarm Monitoring

"Vipond offers complete solutions for monitoring of your fire, life safety & security systems. We help to protect and secure your business where you need it, when you need it."

Vipond provides Fire Alarm Monitoring services which connect your building with the local fire department, alerting them if there is a fire. Signals are sent to the monitoring station if a smoke detector, heat detector, fire pull station or waterflow is activated. Get piece of mind knowing the fire department will be notified in time.

Sprinkler Monitoring

Sprinkler systems are designed to recognise a fire and supress it however the fire department will not be notified. Sprinkler Alarm Monitoring allows the fire department to respond to waterflow, low pressure and gate valve alarm signals in time. Fire doubles in size every minute after the first 4 minutes and saving time saves lives.

ULC Certified

The ULC-S561 standard details how to provide ULC fire alarm and fire sprinkler monitoring. The ULC-S561 fire alarm monitoring certificate is the only physical proof that the fire alarm monitoring system in your building is compliant with the ULC-S561 standard for fire alarm monitoring.
Vipond is ULC certified and can issue ULC Certificates to attest the site meets the ULC standard.

Elevator Monitoring

Elevators with telephone or call button installed allow calls for help should the elevator get stuck due to power loss or system failure. Our monitoring station provides security to elevators so you can be sure that someone is always there to answer and to inform the appropriate authorities.

Intrusion Monitoring

Intrusion systems or burglar alarms help protect against intruders and keep your personnel and assets safe. Vipond monitors intrusion systems and their monitoring devices such as door contacts, motion detectors, glass break devices
and beams to notify you in case there is a alarm triggered. Our monitoring station will contact you to verify the alarm and/or contact emergency responders.

Remote Video Services

Instant security presence any time, anywhere
Vipond offers complete remote video services that give you the shortest possible response time when an incident occurs.
Our remote monitoring center and security professionals respond to triggered events, scan your premises for unauthorized activity and dispatch the authorities when required.

Remote Video Monitoring

Vipond provides solutions that leverage your existing camera system.
Live video instantly puts a trained security professional on the scene, 24/7.
Instantly verify alarms using live video.

Scheduled Video Patrols

Our security professionals visually tour your facility at scheduled intervals looking for potential issues.

Monitor critical assets and your business perimeter.

Cost-effective for remote locations versus on-site security guards.

Intelligent Video Verification

Reduce false alarms with our trained security professionals who can verify alarms before authorities are dispatched. Vipond provides the latest IP technology & analytics solutions for smart video monitoring."

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